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§01 - Overview and Administrative Scope

OrwellRP [Orwell Roleplay] provides a game server at as a free and public service to any player who wishes to join. This usage is entirely dependent on compliance with the following rules which shall be publicly displayed in the MOTD upon first joining. Server staff as defined by DP309 shall be responsible for the oversight and the administration of this policy and shall be considered designee’s of Management. It is the responsibility of Management to ensure the MOTD accurately reflects this policy.

This policy is intended exclusive for use and reference for the OrwellRP 1984RP. It shall not extend to any other service provided by OrwellRP.

§02 - Basic Server Rules

I. DO NOT apply other community and server’s rules and roleplay concepts to our server. Every server has different definitions of rdm, metagaming, new life rule et cetera.

II. Do not abuse out of character chat. Be respectful to everyone on the server while OOC to include avoiding targeted insults and excessive obscenities. In-character interactions are exempt from this unless it overly targets a specific player and create a hostile toxic atmosphere.

III. Do not exploit or utilize any glitches in the game. Report them. Those who report glitches may receive a boost in party status or a bonus courtesy of Big Brother.

IV. Do not advertise other servers & communities.

V. Do not attempt to compromise the security or the integrity of the server OR attempt to disrupt gameplay.

VI. Never impersonate any of the staff nor members. Doing so may result in a permanent and indiscriminate ban.

VII. Erotic Roleplay is strictly forbidden. No player should be excessively sexual or graphically obedience in chat messages or voice chat. This server is for proper roleplay not erotica. Anything against GMOD TOS is also forbidden.

§03 - Role-Play Rules

I. Establish a proper character, and remain in character. Inappropriate or low effort names / descriptions are not allowed and will be subject to discipline. While playing every situation should be properly roleplayed out. Use OOC/LOOC if you must break character. Please view background to RP if you have questions about the setting.

II. No Mass Deathmatching: Do not kill lots of players in a short period of time. Repeated RDM of the same player(s) is also not acceptable.

III. Roleplay Transactions are not protected. You can be scammed or robbed just like in real life. Be careful who you do business with, roleplay it out by calling the police or take justice into your own hands.

IV. Do not attempt to start a full out revolt against Big Brother. Should the Inner Party leadership lose support among community members we will have special events to RP this.

V. New Life Rule: Our server explicitly prohibits revenge killings or acts. When you die, your character will be unplayable/unavailable pending deletion, if you feel it was a wrongful death it may be appealed to staff. Even with a successful appeal or any post death respawn shall count as a medical revival in which the character will maintain the same general back story BUT will have amnesia of all wrongs done to them.

VI. No Metagaming: Metagaming is the using of information that is made available by the game that would not be available in the RP context. This includes but not limited to: scoreboard information, out of character chats and other information and private messages.

VII. Attempt to avoid resorting to violence for every occasion: roleplay situations out without immediately turning to violence: i.e traffic stops, initial trespassing, minor accidents and mistakes.

VIII. Do NOT make unrealistic or excessive demands. Mugging / robbery must not take excessive amounts of money nor make unrealistic demands. This includes demands that exceed $100 for each robbery. It is forbidden to kill an individual who is cooperating.

§04 - Police and Law Enforcement Guidelines

There is much ambiguity regarding what is allowed action by police and law enforcement officials. This section hopes to rectify that. Staff and members are expected to know and relay information to all players. These scenarios do not seek to answer every possible case, when in doubt the standard shall be established as what an objective person would believe is reasonable based on the articulable observed facts and circumstances surrounding the Law Enforcement action.

I. Searching of Property

All law enforcement & the police are required to be able to articulate reasonable suspicion before conducting a raid or requesting a search warrant for a player’s property.

Reasonable Suspicion
Examples of Reasonable Suspicion: Examples that are NOT reasonable suspicion
Player was arrested Random housing checks.
Player has committed an observable or reported crime. A lock door being present.
There is a report of illegal activity by another player. An owner denying permission to search.
Player has ran from or avoided police action. Reasonably explained activity
Suspicious noises that are unexplained Minor traffic infractions i.e speeding
Player makes anti INGSOC statements Minor civil infractions I.e jaywalking

II. Searching of Persons & Individuals

Police and Law Enforcement may search any individual’s person at any time by means of pat search. Individuals must comply or face possible arrest.

III. Arresting Individuals

Individuals may only be arrested if there are specific articulable facts that are present that would lead a reasonable person to believe that a crime has occurred based on the laws of Oceania.

IV. Justified Killing

Police and Law Enforcement may use lethal force if at anytime their life or the safety of the general public is at risk OR if a person fails to comply with arrest procedures and has been warned as such.

During a declared lockdown Police and Law Enforcement have a lower threshold preventing the use lethal force. [Anyone who ignores lockdown procedures may have ill will towards Government officials.]

V. Lockdown Procedure & Exigent Circumstances

During a declared lockdown, players are expected to shelter in a dwelling that they own or a space that they have permission to reside in. Police and Law Enforcement may search homes, properties and persons more freely during this period if such suspicion relates to the threat that initiated the lockdown. Lockdowns may be declared by Inner Party officials per Oceanic Law.

VI. Thought Police Guidelines

The Thought Police and its agents are not constrained by traditional Law Enforcement guidelines and rules. Thought Police agents may lockpick their way in to inspect properties and may search people freely. They may also interrogate detained individual and access their loyalty to the government.

§05 - Enforcement of Rules

The enforcement of any server violation by server staff must be done in accordance with DP209.19. This policy has been established to cover the current priority for enforcement of any violation. There are no exceptions or immunities to this policy. Donors and owners are subject to enforcement should there be a violation that warrants such corrective action.

§06 - Use of logs

Server logs are useful tools for the Administration of OrwellRP to investigate claims and review potential issues. The Administration of the OrwellRP reserves the right to introduce these logs as evidence to support and rule violation claim. These logs are stored record of everything that has transpired on the server. The Administration may also selectively review the logs from time to time to ensure general compliance to established rules and policy. Big Brother is always watching.

§07 - Acknowledgement

By playing on the game-server and accepting the MOTD the user acknowledges and accepts all rules established in this policy. This policy may be updated at any time and the MOTD shall serve as the notice to any change in rules.

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