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The Leader of Oceania is a role that is taken with great pride and honor. It is an elected position that inspires the highest quality candidates to vie for the position. The Leader not only leads the country but the INGSOC party itself, championing the revolution that was started decades prior. Of course managing such an influential government requires a competent staff of bureaucrats to run the ministries. These Inner Party bureaucrats and ministers are appointed by the leader himself and are usually the most notable figure in their respective field.

The Great Leader's office as designed by Lord Jut himself.

The Great Leader commands the nation of Oceania from his office in the Ministry Building located on State Street. The office is located on the top floor and is a place where few have ventured. Under the leadership of Lord Jut there were rumors of those who ventured up as visitors making disappearances for improper seating choice among other formalities. Visitation to the Ministry building required the highest level of decorum under the leadership of Lord Jut.

The Leader of Oceania has the ultimate power to effect change in Oceanic society which he issues policies in conjunction with his appointed cabinet members and their respective ministries. Lord Jut was most notable for his close work with Frank Nostra in reforming criminal justice in Oceania while personally championing the economic reforms to recover from the treasonous activities of Nixon Schekelstein.

Leadership Elections

Elections occur for the role of Leader of Oceania at the end of each leadership term. Any INGSOC party member with good societal standing is capable for running for the position. Candidates traditionally put forth an agenda and an anticipated cabinet that they wish to appoint. Citizens of Oceania are then provided the options and information and are allowed to weigh in on candidates.

Election day voting occurs in person at the Ministry building and is subject to Oceanic General Laws pertaining to the conduct of voting as well as penalties for improper voting to include voter fraud. All ballots are preserved for a period of one year in the secure vault of the Ministry of Plenty.

Electoral History

Electoral Victor % of Votes Electoral Opponent % of Votes
Lord Jut 85% Frank Nostra 15%
Lady Roro 68% Frank Nostra 32%
Lord Jut 90% Frank Nostra 10%
Frank Nostra
57% Lady Roro 43%

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