Businesses in Oceania

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The Ministry of Plenty has authorized the creation of independent shops to be scattered around Oceania, and as such one may find a motley assortment of businesses tailored to the needs of the common prole. These services, made possible by funding from the charitable Ministry of Plenty, range from the provision of simple tools as found at Herberto's Hardware, located near Ingsoc Square, to extravagant handcrafted suits from our very own Gina, located at Ingsoc Outfitters near the suburbs. While every effort to keep the price of commodities and goods low, the sitting Minister of Plenty's anti-inflation agenda ultimately impacts for better or worse the cost of these services.

The Oceanic Plaza

Services in Victory City

Hone DumPe Ling's Discount Supplies - Located in Oceanic Plaza off of Oceanic Avenue:
A general supply store that serves the needs of all craftsmen, amateur DIYers, and cheap renovations. DumPe Ling hails from the impoverished nation of Eastasia and knows how to keep prices down.

Perry's Perennials - Located on Oceanic Avenue :
An essential hub for all gardeners, landscapers, and hydroponics enthusiasts alike. Perry knows how to put the green thumb in anyone's prized petunias, and as such can provide any tool or product you need to get the job done.

Victory Grocer - Located in Oceanic Plaza off of Oceanic Avenue:
Rations not enough to fill your tummy? Need a little extra pep in your step? George has you covered. Everything from free-range eggs to coveted imports from abroad may be found here.

Victory Diner - Located on Beacon Street:
Want a more social eating experience? Take your favorite comrade to Fernanda and try her freshly made meals, rated 80% edible! Does not contain meat.

INGSOC Pharmacy - Located on Industry Way :
Located near the Community Center the INGSOC pharmacy is a neighborhood seller of medical supplies so that citizens can thank the state for providing high quality supplies locally with no red tape.

Victory Jewelers - Located in Victory Plaza on Court Street :
The finest materials and goods provided by the Ministry of Plenty protected by the world class security system.

Hardware Store - Located in Victory Plaza on Broadway :
The quintessential first step for any industrious prole, Tina knows how to provide excellent service and top-notch recommendations for any startup craftsman, miner, driller, or mechanic. All tools and parts are made in Oceania, so quality is guaranteed! Disclaimer - Satisfaction not guaranteed.

Luggage Store - Located in Oceanic Plaza off of Oceanic Avenue:
Feeling a bit overburdened by the products Oceania provides? Need a place to store all the things that can't fit in your pockets for ease of carrying? Take a trip down to Latisha's Luggage, where you can find everything from the finest cordovan leather suitcase to a common but nevertheless quality backpack!

Victory Shoppes

INGSOC Outfitters - Located in Victory Shopppes on Victory Lane :
A clothing provider with a variety of outfits from formal ware to the basic prole scrubs. This truly the land of prosperous clothing choices!

Victory N'D Things - Located in Victory Shopppes on Victory Lane :
A place where one can sell handcrafted items that the player has crafted. Additionally one may purchase decorations for their apartment.

INGSOC Firing Range - Located in Victory Shoppes on Victory Lane :
A proper place to practice legally obtained firearms for self defense. One can purchase ammo for their legally acquired and permitted weapons as well.

INGSOC Community Center - Located on Industry Way :
Feeling a need to relax and enjoy the fruits of one's labor under the glory of Big Brother? There is a casino, dance floor accompanied with food and beverage service. This is the ultimate place to spend free time.

Sam Serento - Location UNKNOWN:
Mr. Serento is most notable for his imported hard to acquire items. His location frequently changes and sells things at a premium rate.

Citizen Led Businesses

Ling Bus Service - Located Citywide :
Ling Bus & Taxi Service is a notable institution of Oceania providing cheap and reliable transit across the city for citizens of Victory City. Owned and operated by brothers : Chang Ling & Ling Chang Ling.

Chestnut Tree Cafe - Located on Judicial Avenue :
A prosperous business outside of the Ministry of Love, this cafe is known for its quaint bar scene and over priced drinks. The bar is managed by Charles Manson and welcomes all to stop on in.

Sam Serento - Location UNKNOWN :
Serento is most known for being an elusive man that can supply difficult to achieve items and acts as a middleman for most transactions.

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