Citizen: Alex Velotta

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Alex Velotta
Alexander Velotta

October 2nd, 1962
Party StatusOuter Party
EducationVictory City Community College
OrganizationVictory Rehabilitation Center
Known forBeing 'Counselor Alex'
Being Flamboyant
Notable work
Gerald the Giraffe
Height5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
Political partyINGSOC

Alex Velotta was born in the cutest part of the Victory City suburbs to two Community Center bartenders. His room, adorned with INGSOC posters and a telescreen tuned to the INGSOC Dance for Victory channel, was repainted in his youth from a fabulous pink to a boisterous blue because his parents were expecting a girl. When he was old enough to understand their mistake, he told them in no uncertain terms "There are no mistakes, mommy and daddy, there are only happy accidents!" and danced off to partake in his junior anti-sex league activities!

When Alex was thirteen, he found that he wasn't able to make friends as easily as the other kids were. He couldn't understand why, but making light of a bad situation Alex decided to make his own friends! He spent many days and many nights, but eventually he created his own friends out of his mother's old brassieres who he christened Ellie the Elephant and Gerald the Giraffe. Both Ellie and Gerald would become staples for those undergoing treatment at the Rehabilitation Center.

Alex attended Victory City Community College and received modest marks on his assignments never excelling at any of his classes because he was too busy admiring bulgy things in the room other than what was being written on the lecture board. Alex barely graduated but somehow received praise for his paper on treating the criminal class with love and compassion using the tenants of INGSOC as a template. This seemingly obscure paper reached the Inner Party leading to a restructuring of Oceanic Healthcare and Criminal Justice putting Alex as the champion of the rehabilitation effort.

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