Citizen: Lady Roro

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Lady Roro
Party StatusInner Party
OccupationMinister of Truth
OrganizationInner Party
Known forPhase II Education
New Curriculum
Notable work
The Times
Height5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
TitleMinister of Truth
PredecessorFrank Nostra (Minister of Truth)
SuccessorLord Jut (Leader of Oceania)
Nixon Schekelstein (Minister of Plenty)
Karla Mari (Minister of Peace)
Frank Nostra (Minister of Love)
Political partyINGSOC

Lady Roro is one of the longest serving members of the Inner Party having served in every facet including leadership roles from Minister to Leader of Oceania. Lady Roro is well versed in addressing the needs of Oceania and it's people and is a strong representative of gender equality in Oceania. Roro is known for making very few waves in her tenure and does not implement major changes other than to maintain the Status Quo. Roro enjoys riding the train and being secluded from excessive activity. She attends most meetings that are held inside the Ministry building and is frequently seen as the right hand woman to the Lord Jut competing with no other than Minister Nostra for love and attention.

Her Not-So-Great History

Born to a suspected Leninist father, Roro was brought up with no mother in the picture. Constantly on the run from the Eurasian officials, Roro and her father moved constantly throughout his childhood. As a result, Roro never found love or friendship in her schoolgirl years. Instead, she ate alone at lunchtime and went home to a nearly empty household. When she reached the working age, Roro became a thriving industrialist under the tutelage of Jut, and served valiantly as a ten-time Employee of the Month to a once great mining operation in Victory City. Roro's hard work and dedication to the Oceanic cause lead her to be introduced to the Inner Party and is well known as an effective administrator.

Offices Held

Minister of Love

Lady Roro being a loyal member of the Inner Party was the predecessor to Frank Nostra in the Ministry of Love. Lady Roro was known for an aggressive stance on degenerates that had began to encamp in the lower levels of the sewer and the subway tunnels. Lady Roro felt that degenerates did not contribute to society by providing useful labor and thus used the police force to arrest them and arranged that they would repay their debt to society by serving in the Oceanic Defense Force fighting the war for peace. Lady Roro also was also known for a crack down on organized crime. Minister Roro was appointed to serve the party as Minister of Peace to aid in the war for peace with Frank Nostra assuming control over the Ministry of Love.

Minister of Truth

Lady Roro was selected to lead the Ministry of Truth as an effort to maintain her presence in the leadership of Oceania. This effort was in large part due to the tireless service she has provided. Lord Jut appointed her to the role of Minister of Truth and has since been a vocal leader of the division leading the development of the Times as well as new propaganda educational pieces to be displayed throughout the city. Her efforts continued to be unmatched and was selected to remain in her role by Frank Nostra.

Minister of Plenty

During Nixon Schekelstein's tenure as Minister of Plenty, there was a brief period that Minister Nixon required personal time to count his sheckles before embarking on a state sponsored good will trip to Oceania's ally. During this period Lady Roro was appointed as Minister of Plenty on an interim basis. Lady Roro offered many lotteries to the proles and temporarily provided a tax break but did nothing of major note long term.

Minister of Peace

Lady Roro was the first Minister of Peace who led many great offensives against the enemies of Oceania. It was her hard work and dedication to the Oceanic Defense Force that the numbers of enlisted swelled to the record numbers. Lady Roro left the role to improve other areas of the Inner Party. Lady Roro was known for establishing the early fleet and commanding a large array of ships and firepower in the Oceanic Defensive Fleet. Lady Roro led many successful military campaigns and liberated many territories.

Leader of Oceania

Lady Roro was elected on June 19th and sworn in shortly afterwards by the previous governing body of Inner Party members. The ceremony was attended by many proles who cheered Roro's populist ideals that were campaigned for.

In the first acts as Leader Roro drastically altered the education program for citizens of Victory City Southside by commissioning new billboards, posters and other sources of knowledge to better reflect the environment of Oceania. Lady Roro in this decree also addressed the housing situation by drastically increasing the cost of purchasing and even renting higher tier properties. This was done as a revenue generating measure to fuel further populist ideals and to stabilize the disastrously affordable high end housing market. The last of the first decrees came in the form of revoking the legality of small semiautomatic pistols and the substance known as Marijuana. Both these enjoyed legal status under the previous leadership. Although they were targeted for the potential harm and disruption of life in Oceania.

The second batch of leadership decrees came with the dismantling of the Civil Engineer role which was formerly an Outer Party position. This was a budgetary measure to absorb the cost that was created when all Outer Party member allowances were increased under the previous administration. Instead the work was now delegating to the role of a prole Laborer. Industrial Workers and Mechanics also lost their privileged status under this and were lumped into the position of laborer. Lady Roro also restored funding to the Ministry of Love by reinstating the position of Police Lieutenant to the force.

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