Citizen: Richard Schekelstein

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Richard Schekelstein

The Lesser
Richard's personal portrait, some say he's nearly identical to his brother.
StatusPresumed Dead
Party StatusOuter Party
EmployerMinistry of Plenty
Known forFitting inside a refrigerator filled with pudding to escape Eurasia.
Net worthPocket Lint
Height5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Criminal charge(s)Gross Lewd Conduct w/ Pudding
RelativesNixon Schekelstein

Richard Schekelstein was born to a family of Schekelstein in Eurasia. Upon hearing of his brother Nixon's success he decided to move to Oceania as a refugee. His journey was far more glamorous compared to his brother whom ensured swift processing of Richard's refugee status. Richard arrived to Oceania amazed by the glamour of the cities but often found himself in the red light districts of the city preferring the less than civil aspects of modern life.

Richard was a close to his brother and often was seen having tea with his brother at one of the many restaurants and cafes scattered across Victory City. Richard monopolized his connection with his brother who at the time served as the Minister of Plenty to obtain employment with the Minister of Plenty. Richard was hired to be the clerk that ran the lottery for Oceania. Although hired through nepotism, Richard actually proved himself to be a hard working individual. It was most regrettable though that when Nixon was on the run from the law, that Richard chose to also go into hiding fearing a sharp revenge plot by the Ling Family. Although there is no evidence to support his death many assume him to be dead and most of society has long forgotten about him regardless.

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