Citizen: Sam Serento

From Ministry of Truth Civil Resources
Sam Serento
Party StatusUnknown
EducationUniversity of Oceania Southlands
Known forSmuggling Firearms
Remaining out of sight
Height5 ft 10 in (178 cm)

Born to a family in a rural village within southern Oceania, Sam spent most of his childhood collecting pebbles for use in crude homemade slingshots. His mother and father, both respected members of the Outer Party, grew to regard the young Sam with disdain after catching him slinging pebbles at small puppies. When Sam grew up, his parents kicked him out and he was forced to find work or housing lest he die on the street. That is when he came to Victory City, where he has been living in the sewers ever since. Some say he can still be found fondling projectiles next to his soggy mattress, while others say he could be a member of the Thought Police. Whatever he is up to, his pale visage and dirty clothes indicate he has not left the sewers since his arrival in the city and has long forgotten what sunlight or clean water are.