Citizen: Zino Martin

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Zino Martin
Party StatusProle
Known forN/A
Height5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
Political partyINGSOC

Zino Martin is a fresh face in Victory City, but with his arrival has already reached out to form as many connections as possible. Often trying to organize and pitch ideas to higher ups in order to curry favor and to help improve general efficiency. He currently lives inside communal housing in the Victory Manor district with some proles, thinking this is the best way to show how Oceania is a classless socialist utopia. He is a staunch Oceanic Nationalist but also a pragmatist, often willing to be flexible in situations and dealings that are not to his benefit. He's used to thinking he is the smartest guy in the room and will try to maneuver himself as such.

Personal History

The personal history of Zino Martin is not very known. With the past there is a direct focus away from it outside of what could be defined as key details like meeting Geoff in the Midwestern parts of North American Oceania, where they became longtime friends moving to Oceania. Other notable parts of his career was smalltime working as a farm hand along with a private security force for a state train company.

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