Drug Manufacturing

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There are three main drugs that are commonly manufacture by the criminal element in Oceania: Meth, Cocaine, Marijuana. Many of these manufacturing setups utilize repurposed industrial items available at the various vendors located throughout Victory City. It is important to note that some warehouses may possess some abandoned industrial equipment that one could use to produce drugs thus saving a savvy criminal the cost of acquiring brand new equipment.

Historically it was the Eurasian Mafia and the Eastasian Triad that controlled the drug trade but a skillful independent criminal would be able to create their own startup drug labs with the hopes of remaining undetected by local authorities. Finished drugs are sold to addicts scattered throughout the city's underworld.

Manufacturing Meth

The Manufacturing of meth is far more complex than cocaine but also more toxic. One has to be careful because failure to adhere properly can result in exposure to toxic fumes, fire, and or other means of injury/death.

Upon successful manufacture of the meth locate the buyer in some dark sketchy alley of the downtown area of the map and sell it to him for a huge profit. It should be noted that there is a cool down period and you cannot sell back to back within a short period of time.

A revised small scale manufacturing setup in which the machines are organized in a circle for efficiency.



  1. Purchase or locate the equipment: Equipment Box & Tent Kit
  2. Use the Equipment Box inside the tent to setup : Furnace, Mixer, Filter, Filler, Freezer, Table, Ventilation
  3. Turn on your Ventilation and ensure the exhaust is sufficiently far enough away from your setup.


  1. Add Acid to the Furnace in the quantity displayed on the screen. Click 'start' and heat the acid up.
  2. Select the type of Meth one desires to produce on the Mixer and click 'start'
  3. Add Methylamine to the Mixer in the quantity displayed on the screen.
  4. Transfer the heated acid from the Furnace to the Mixer using 'Move Liquid' button.
  5. After the transfer click 'start' and wait for the compound to mix.
  6. Add Aluminum to the Mixer in the quantity displayed on the screen.
  7. Move the finished liquid from the Mixer to the Filter and click 'start'
  8. Transfer the finished liquid from the Filter to the Filler.
  9. Add Liquid Oxygen to the Freezer.
  10. On the Freezer Screen, click 'Drop' to drop individual freezer trays, repeat until all trays have been dropped.
  11. Grab a freezer tray and drop it on the filler. After take the tray and place it back in the freezer.
  12. Once all trays have been replaced click 'start' on the freezer.

Packaging & Final Steps

  1. After the product has been frozen, on the Freezer Screen, click 'Drop' to drop individual freezer trays, repeat until all trays have been dropped.
  2. Buy a plastic crate and place it on the table.
  3. Place the freezer trays with the hardened product on table. Click 'e' to break the product up and add it to the bin.
  4. Bring it to your local drug distributor who may be scattered throughout the city. He will then give you a drop off location to bring the meth to. These drop off locations are scattered throughout the city and may even be in a tunnel. The selection of each drop off point is randomized. If you fail to make the drop off point in time you must wait a few minutes before being allowed to try again.
  5. Ensure to clean all equipment prior to the next batch.

Things to Consider

  • Ventilation is not required but highly recommended. Toxic gases build up at each stage of production.
  • Different types of meth may require more intensive manufacturing and skill to produce.
  • One must be ready to address any issues that arise in order to ensure the highest quality of product
  • The extinguishers located in the tents have a cooldown so be mindful of overheating / fires.
  • The Storage Rack offers convenient delivery of supplies however they come highly marked up for delivery fee. Cheaper supplies are sold throughout the map!
  • Use of a palette will make transporting multiple crates of product easier.
  • Remember to sell unused equipment to recoup some of the cost.
  • Members and community supporters make an additional bonus on meth successfully sold.
A slightly more sophisticated cocaine lab.

Manufacturing Cocaine

The Manufacturing of cocaine requires many steps and a significant amount of cocoa leaves to be harvested prior to making a batch of cocaine. Ensure that you have a steady supply and that you have invested in all the proper equipment.



  1. Purchase a stove setup. The stove will need to have gas and cooking plates. You can buy the amount of cooking plates you want to start out with, and add more afterwards.
  2. Purchase a cooking pot, fill it with water and baking soda and drop it onto the stove. It will attach to an available cooking plate.
  3. Once the pots are attached the thermometer becomes visible and you will turn on the gas for the plate(s). When it is cooked the color of the mixture will change take it off the stove.


  1. Next step is buying/finding an extractor and fill it with leaves and the finished mixture from the pots (also known as carbonate). When the extractor is filled, the red lights will turn off and a green light will appear instead.
  2. Place a bucket in the extractor until all red laps are off, and press E on the switch to start the extracting process. Watch the beautiful blend sequences move the arrows accordingly to the process and watch the bucket get filled with raw cocaine.
  3. Once the bucket is finished, green lamps will appear and you can remove it from the extractor. The gauge meter (displayed with a bucket icon on model) will also slide back to 0.

Drying & Packaging

  1. Purchase a drying rack and drag the bucket to the table. Once it touches the cocaine will be poured over the table. If the drying rack is turned on already, the process will begin automatically.
  2. The drying rack is powered using batteries. The switch for the lights and drying process is located on the front left of the drying rack. You can see how much power the batteries have on the arrow next to the switch.
  3. Once batteries are installed red and green lights are available to display if the drying rack is on or off. Turn it on while there is cocaine on the table to begin the process.
  4. You can follow the progress by looking on the right side as an arrow will move as the temperature rises on the table.
  5. When the process is finished, the packed cocaine will appear on the table.
  6. The last part is buying a box to hold the cocaine . Drag and drop your packed cocaine into the box. You can press E on the box to open and close it.
  7. Once you have cocaine packs in the box (you can have up to 4 packs), bring it to one of the coke heads and speak with him. Careful not to be caught by the Police.

Members and community supporters make an additional bonus on cocaine successfully sold.

Marijuana Grow Operations

Marijuana is known for its versatility and unique high with many people choosing to smoke it while others choose to have it cooked into baked goods. Grow Operations are known for the complexity and botanical knowledge with the most advance operations creating advance seeds through selective breeding.


Tucked away in a hidden warehouse, an operation like this exist.


  1. Buy a Generator and fill in some fuel. Buy a Flowerpot , Lamp , Fan and Powerstrip.
  2. Place the Lamp over the Flowerpot.
  3. Position the Fan near the Flowerpot and point it towards it.
  4. Connect the Generator (using the Cable Swep) with the Powerstrip and connect the Powerstrip to the fan and Lamp.
  5. Start the Generator by pressing the button switch on the side of the Generator several times till the Engine starts.
  6. Buy a Watertank, Soil and a Weed Seed.
  7. Add the Soil and Seed to the Flowerpot.
  8. Add Water using the Watercan Swep.

Weed Processing:

  1. Once the Plant has finished its growing phase you can press several times "E" on it to Harvest the Plant.
  2. Buy a Drying Station and place the Weed Junks on it. Once the weed has fully dried press "E" on it.
  3. Place the Weed Jars on the Packing Table to prepare it to be sold.
  4. Adding different sorts of Weed will make the final product a Mixed and lower priced weedblock.
  5. Once 4 Jars of weed have been added, Press "E" on the displayed buttons. This process can be automated using the "Autopacker" Upgrade.


  1. Buy a Palette from the GrowShop and place the weedblock on it.
  2. The Weed can now be transported to your local pothead and sold
  3. The Money Value the player receives depends on Weed Amount, THC percentage and Weed Strain.

Seed Research:

  1. Buy a Seed Lab and Seedbank from the Growshop.
  2. Place 2 Jars of weed on the Seed Lab.
  3. Press the "Splice" button on the Screen and enter a seed name.
  4. The Seed Lab will now generate a new seed from the provided weed jars by averaging their performance values.
  5. The final seed can be used or stored in the Seedbank.


  1. Go to your least favorite pot head and buy a bong from him.
  2. Right Click with the Bong on a Weed Jar to add some weed.
  3. Hold "Left Mouse Button" to smoke the weed. Press "Reload" to empty the Bong.
  4. Press "Middle Mouse Button" to drop the bong on the Floor or share it with another player by looking at him while dropping the bong.
  5. You can also roll joints using the appropriate table.

Things to Consider:

  • Most supplies can be purchased at local stores, however, the seeds must be ordered via the catalog.
  • The marijuana catalog offers specialty items as well as entry level items. Items may be subject to a markup!
  • Using existing industrial shelves are useful for holding lights on upper shelves while the pots are on the bottom.
  • The generator needs maintenance once in a while or he will explode. Press "E" on the Generator if the Repair Button appears.
  • The plants get infected by Eastasian Killer Beetles sometimes. If this happens then just press "E" on the Heal Button shown on the plant.
  • The Watertank can be refilled by pressing "E" on the "Refill" Button.
  • Members and community supporters make an additional bonus on marijuana products successfully sold.

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