Eastasian Triad

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The Eastasian Triad is a relatively new criminal organization within Oceania. The Triad's business motto is to produce fast, cheap, and easy. Through carefully concealed lines of communication back to Eastasia, the Triad is able to bulk buy large quantities of Drug Manufacturing equipment. Though there are consequences to using the shoddy craftsmanship of their homeland, they are able to maintain the lead by mass production. They are also known to harass the various workers around the city, taking handouts to leave them alone only to return later. Though Eastasia itself has proven particularly hostile to Oceania, the Triad seems to be largely neutral.

Don't let this calm domestic scene fool you, the Ling family is one of the most notorious Triad leaders.

Triad Vanguard

The Triad Vanguard leads the grunts in their endeavors. It is known that while they may set an agenda, the Triad has a more fractured command structure than their Eurasian counterparts. For this reason, it is advised that any prospective leaders prove their worth by maintaining a strict code of honor and lead by example.
The Triad Vanguard is a spot reserved for the fiercest of Triad members, those who are known to show exceptional leadership and cunning are the only ones fit to serve as Vanguard. Once in control of the Triad, the Vanguard has the discretion to choose the direction of specialty and business that the Triad wishes to engage in.

Triad Grunt

Born out of a desire on the part of the Eastasian refugees to come into their own, the Triad Grunt is a self explanatory position within the Triad. The Grunt is the footman, who pursues the agenda set forth by the Triad Vanguard to accomplish any and all tasks that may benefit the organization. From standard shake-downs to providing services in exchange for favors, their job is to build up the Triad for the benefit of all Eastasians.

The Ling Family

The Ling family believed to have been the individuals responsible for bringing the Triad to Oceania. The origins start with Ling Ling, a proud hard working operator of a compact cab business, whom felt that Oceania could offer an easier life for his family. Initially the Triad was a petty nuisance, often just harassing and shaking down degenerates. After some time Ling Ling eventually recruited his two sons, Ling Chang Ling and Chang Ling. Despite the Triad itself demonstrating a degree of neutrality as a criminal organization, the Ling family is a direct contrast. The Ling family is openly hostile to any slight by an Oceanic citizen who often confuses Ling Chang Ling with Chang Ling. The Ling family currently primarily operate a bus service, open to all citizens, with the number of their bus determining the route; no one has yet seen the elusive 696 bus, which supposedly operates as an express service. The infamous Ling family also known to have operations in food delivery and car repairs.

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