Eurasian Mafia

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The Eurasian Mafia is a major organized criminal organization within Oceania with origins from Eurasia. The Mafia exerts control over the drug trade including the manufacturing of meth and cocaine. They can also smuggle and import other substances for the general use by the public. The Eurasian Mafia doesn't officially oppose Oceania however its criminal interest puts it at odds with the law enforcement agencies of Oceania. The Mafia can strong arm citizens and local businesses as well as fight for control of the black market / drug trade with the Eastasian Triad. The Mafia has also bee known to conduct raids and daring robberies against banks and businesses.

The Eurasian Mafia has its origins from the Italian Mafia & Russian Bratva before the complete takeover and cultural domination that Eurasia brought about. Hence why this organized crime family is powerful and highly skilled in vast areas.

A back alley deal that looks awfully profitable.

Mafia Don

The Mafia Don is the boss of the Mafia family. The Mafia Don chooses the direction of the Mafia and commands absolute authority over all Mafiosos. The Mafia Don will often pose as a legitimate business man and offer a service to unsuspecting proles in an effort to evade the watchful eye of local law enforcement.

Don Tony Luciano

Tony Luciano was one of the most notable leaders of the Eurasian Mafia who primarily focused on completing hits and bounties on individuals. He was known to kill degenerates just for mere pleasure. Tony Luciano tends to lurk in only the most worthy of residency's that are lavish for his taste. During his stay in Victory City, he predominately liked to manage restaurants and bars as the cover business for his operations. Seeing the opportunity for business in the western limits of the city by the waterfront, Tony Luciano moved to the region in order to set up a night club and operates his cover business, Luciano Enterprises, in the Industrial Sector. Tony Luciano's primary residence is located in the lavish suburban area of Victory City Southside, with his company headquarters located in the downtown area.

However, in a turn of events, he stepped on the toes of the Inner Party by assisting a Thought Police target known as Mac. In a large raid on his place of business by friendly local police officers, the Luciano family in its entirety was wiped from the map by several ground infantry and air support culminating in the unconditional surrender and inevitable execution of Don Tony Luciano.


The Mafioso is the grunt of the Eurasian Mafia tasked with doing the bidding of the Mafia Don. The Mafioso is an entry level position into the Mafia and may be tasked with fulfilling task from providing security to running parts of the business. Mafioso's are the entry level and must earn the respect of their respective Don.