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The purpose of this guide is to connect new players with information on various facets of the Roleplay environment and answer common questions. We understand that our server is not inherently user friendly to begin to understand the many features or ways of doing things that do not exist on other servers.

The guide branded as civil resources is written mostly in character with the exception of pages marked OOC. This is done to provide another component of gameplay in which the Ministry of Truth has an active role in updating and maintaining state records and publishing useful information.

While the guide has a lot of useful information such as State Police Policy & Procedures or Laws of Oceania within it, it is not expected that players memorize any of it, hence why it is posted to be easily referenced and searched. Most procedures laws and customs of Oceania do follow common sense within the 1984 lore.

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1984 Orwell Serious Roleplay —  IP
Based the novel 1984 by George Orwell.

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