Ministry of Love

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Some say that when Big Brother assumed leadership over the great nation of Oceania and it’s liberated people, he had so much love to share. This love lead to the creation of an entire ministry dedicated to providing the best treatment for citizens by Law Enforcement.

The Ministry of Love is overseen by the Minister of Love who is appointed by the elected leader. The Ministry controls the justice system and many wonderful services provided to citizens by their loving government. The State Police and the rumored Thought Police are the primary agencies that function as part of the Ministry of Love.

Minister of Love

The Minister of Love is an Inner Party member appointed to lead the Ministry of Love. The Minister of Love is a vital leader of law and order for Oceania and is responsible for preventing thought crime and Goldstein conspirators from attacking the core of Oceania.

The exterior of the Ministry of Love State Police Precinct for Victory City Southside


  • May appoint / promote members of the State Police to Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant.
  • May make changes to the criminal code of law.
  • May alter the punishments for criminal violations of law
  • May use budget funds to supplement or discount equipment for Law Enforcement.
  • May direct investigations of individuals
  • Coordinates all law enforcement of Oceania.

Notable Ministers

Name Appointed By Length of
Lady Roro Lord Jut 2 Months
Frank Nostra Lord Jut 2 Years
Arthur Nostra Frank Nostra Incumbent

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