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The Ministry of Plenty branch for Victory City Southside that serves the local community

Where there was once poverty, corruption and consolidation of wealth by a greedy oligarchy, Big Brother has bestowed wealth and prosperity to all members of Oceania. The Ministry of Plenty is responsible for the management of wealth, resources and all things economic. The Ministry is overseen by a Minister of Plenty which is appointed by the elected leader.

Services Provided at the Ministry of Plenty

The lobby of the Ministry of Plenty featuring the many clerks and brokers that are vital for economic operation of our beloved state.

Economics of Oceania

The most important task bestowed to the Ministry of Plenty is to maintain positive economics and continue the beneficial system that INGSOC has brought to the people of Oceania. Under Lord Jut, Oceania returned to the gold standard for economic valuation and utilizes the value of the nation's reserves in gold to back the Oceanic dollar. The act of doing this caused mass deflation of currency meaning that supplies became increasingly more cheap and Oceania became far more affordable than ever.

Ration Distribution

Rations are distributed via Ministry of Plenty authorized clerks. These rations are only retrievable periodically and one may check with the clerk to see when they are eligible for their next rations. Rations include a small spending stipend as well as basic nutrition items. Individuals who are Outer Party / Inner Party will receive a higher quality of ration in exchange for their service to the state of Oceania.

Safe Deposits

The Ministry of Plenty provides a service of securing valuables in the Ministry of Plenty of vault for it's citizens. No longer are your valuables at risk of being taken by degenerates.

Storage Options
Storage Type Dimensions Total Size Weekly Rental Insured Value
Secure Locker 3x6 24 Slots $175 $175
Secure Cabinet 5x8 40 Slots $250 $250
Secure Bin 8x8 64 Slots $400 $2,500

Please note that boxes are only accessible during hours in which the Ministry of Plenty is staffed. Despite this, it is ALWAYS secure and is a perfect long term storage solution.

Savings Accounts

Any citizen of Oceania is entitled to utilize the Ministry of Plenty's Saving for Victory program established by Lord Jut. Citizens who visit the Ministry of Plenty may speak with a representative to set up an account. Valid Identification is required for any action pertaining to a savings account. All accounts must maintain at least $200; if the balance falls below this threshold the remaining funds will be cashed out and the account closed. Accounts with no activity in sixty days will be closed and funds appropriated to the state. Savings interest will be applied weekly to the value of funds present in the account at the start of the week.

Current Savings Interest Rate : 2.5 %
Please note that accounts are only accessible during hours in which the Ministry of Plenty is staffed.

Victory Bonds

Victory Bonds are an investment in the future of Oceania and are a wonderful long term investment opportunity for citizens of Oceania to participate in. These Victory Bonds were instituted under Lord Jut as a means to provide for large scale public works projects.

Victory Bonds
Project Name Total # # Available Total Price Price Per Bond Rate Period
Ministry Building
10 10 $150,000 $15,000 21% 2 Months
Ministry of Plenty
5 5 $25,000 $2,500 10% 1 Month
Victory Rehabilitation
Center Upgrades
25 25 $500,000 $20,000 33% 3 Months

Please note that bonds may only be purchased during hours in which the Ministry of Plenty is staffed.


Occasionally the need for loans does exist within the course of Oceanic life as such the Ministry of Plenty loan program was created by Lord Jut so that all of Oceania can succeed together. Loans are subject to individual terms and conditions. Loan approval is subject to the Minister of Plenty's approval and approval is not guaranteed.

Estimated Loan Structures
Loan Amount Estimated
Interest Rate
$1,000 - $9,999 15 - 25 % None None
$10,000 - $29,999 10 - 20 % $2,500 None
$30,000 - $99,999 10 - 20 % $10,000 Outer / Inner Party Only
$100,000 + 10 - 20 % 25 % of Loan Inner Party Only

Loans are only available when the Ministry of Plenty is staffed.


Government employees are entitled to a periodic paycheck in addition to the rations they receive. Paychecks vary depending on the profession and the pay scale as determined by the Minister of Plenty. All paychecks are subject to income tax.


Taxes are a component of the Economic model that the Ministry of Plenty maintains. Although the rate is subject to change per the discretion of the Great Leader or the Minister of Plenty, the traditional rates for taxes are as follows:

25.00% Income Tax Applies to all State Paychecks (Ration Allowances Exempt)
1.25% Wealth Tax Collected every hour based on the wealth of a citizen.
5.0% Property Tax Collected every hour based on the value of property owned.

It should be noted that there is a tax bracket system that calculates the total wealth of a citizen before collection so that individuals of certain wealth status are not disproportionately taxed.

Minister of Plenty

The Minister of Plenty is appointed by the Leader of Oceania to serve as the economic figurehead for Oceania. The Minister of Plenty is tasked with great responsibility to supervise and improve the economy to encourage prosperity.

The office of the Minister of Plenty renovated under Lord Jut.


  • Promoting Economic Prosperity
  • Managing state finances and budgets
  • Setting interest rates and running the state bank
  • Giving loans to those who need it for purposes of industry
  • Controlling inflation / deflation
  • Managing taxes and tax types
  • Controlling cost of Medical Care & other state services
  • Control funding to various departments (size of PD & FD)
  • Purchasing deals on behalf of the state (Metal & Fuel prices)

Notable Ministers

Name Appointed By Length of
Nixon Schekelstein Lord Jut 1 Year
Lady Roro Lord Jut 2 Months
Lord Jut Frank Nostra 2 Months
Lady Roro
Second Appointment
Frank Nostra Incumbent

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