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Oceania is a land blessed with natural resources so much so that it affords all proles the equal opportunity to become industrialist. It is important to note that no matter how independent the production of industry is, the Ministry of Plenty maintains a firm guiding hand over the market as the sole purchaser of fuels and minerals. Have no fear, this is merely to ensure that the resources are equally shared among the people and that greedy industrialist do not seek to profit off the suffering of others. There are two main industries in Victory City, Oil Drilling & Refinement as well as Mining.

Fuel works setup on the oil drilling barge.Notice the honorable amount of productivity from these proles.

Oil Drilling

Oil is a vital resource for Oceania, it fuels everything from the Navy to the vast transit network as well as powering the utopia that Big Brother built. The Ministry of Plenty does not regulate who or where one can drill for oil in favor of boosting production to reduce the economic burden of fuel on proles, this measure was adopted by Lord Jut to reduce inflated fuel prices.

Oil deposits have been identified throughout Victory City, however, they appear to be most numerous in the coastal waters of the harbor. As such the Ministry of Plenty has erected an barge to assist in drilling for oil. This is accessible by renting or purchasing a boat from a nearby dock worker.

For proles looking at becoming industrialist, acquiring a Ministry of Plenty loan or having large starting capital is recommended as the equipment required to drill for oil is expensive. The equipment can also be upgraded to drastically improve the speed and quality of the drilling and oil extraction, these upgrades cost significant quantities of money and are available to all registered party members.


  1. Use build kit to purchase a drill, the drilling equipment will bore the oil well that the equipment was placed on.
  2. Place the drill and feed it pipes as needed. Be careful that the drill doesn't jam! Reset the equipment if it does. Purchasing modules/upgrades speeds the process up and reduces the likelihood of jams.
  3. After the oil well has been drilled, remove drill and buy a second build kit. The kit should be used to buy a pump and a third build kit to construct and place a refinery.
  4. Place a pump on the well and purchase an empty barrel and place it on the pump. The pump will begin filling the barrel up. It should be noted that the pump can jam too and thus the modules speeds the process up and reduces the likelihood of jams.
  5. Once filled take the barrel to the refinery. Select the fuel type to produce and place an empty barrel on the other side of the refinery. The refinery will begin producing whatever fuel selected. It should be noted that refineries can explode if they overheat.
  6. Take the finished refined fuels to the Ministry of Plenty to sell.

Things to Consider

  • You can view your intern fuel inventory by typing !fuelinv You can drop your intern fuel inventory with !dropfuel
  • It is possible to hit a pocket of toxic gas when drilling for oil. This can cause an environmental disaster, as such it is advisable to have a burner ready to mitigate any gas pockets that may appear.
  • Drilling equipment and pumps can be re-used on multiple wells. Thus it may be worth keeping them, rather than selling immediately after use.
  • Prices fluctuate, it may be worth holding out for a better sale price.
  • Advanced fuels & equipment upgrades are only available to registered party members.
These are Jutland Ore Works the proud start up business created by Lord Jut himself.


Just as Oceania was blessed with tremendous oil wealth, there is tremendous mineral wealth too. Victory City is known to have several copper, gold, iron and nickel deposits scattered throughout the urban landscape. Mining for ore and refining it is a great way for many to achieve the Oceanic Dream and obtain early wealth.

Similar to the deregulation of oil, Lord Jut deregulated the mining of minerals, except for this was done to support the ongoing war for peace efforts at the request of Lady Roro the then Minister of Peace.


  1. The pick ax will be the primary tool for mining of resources. It is recommended to have one gravel crate nearby as one mines to dump the produced ore into.
  2. Find a coal and nickel deposit and use the pick ax to fill the crate with both resources.
  3. Use the builder tool to build a crusher and a few belts then a refiner for nickel and coal.
  4. Ensure to place a refiner crate with each refiner. The light of the refiner should turn from red to green when the crate is in position.
  5. Dump the filled gravel crate into the crusher
  6. Build a smelter and fill it with refined coal and iron ore.
  7. The smelter will use the refined ore and drop iron bars. Collect them in a box or pick them up manually.
  8. The finished product may be sold at a metal buyer located in the Ministry of Plenty.


The more one mines, the more experience is built allowing one to access more rare minerals in addition to the basic coal and nickel ore. In addition to being able to access rarer minerals to mine, the speed at which one mines and the output will be increased drastically.

This abandoned smelter in the scrap yard can be used in lieu of purchasing a new smelter.

Smelting Ratios

Ore Smelting Ratios
Quantity of Ore (kg) Coal Required (kg)
10kg Iron 20kg Coal
20kg Copper 10kg Coal
20kg Nickel 20kg Coal
3kg Gold 15kg Coal

Important Things to Consider

  • The more one mines the more experience one gains, thus increasing the speed at which one is able to mine ore.
  • Gold and Iron require higher levels of experience than Nickel or Copper to mine. Don't get discouraged it takes time.
  • Since the main mine shaft closed, one will have to search the city for deposits. The scrapyard for instance has some left over equipment that an eager entrepreneur could take over and utilize.
  • If the belt isn't a loop and there is no proper end point then resources will be lost as they 'fall' off the belt. To save this from happening place a gravel crate at the end of the belt to prevent loss of resources.
  • Anyone can steal one's success or utilize another person's machines. It is advisable to have protection from the rift raft.
  • You will drop your inventory on death, so avoid dying if you are transporting valuable bars to be sold.
  • The scrap yard may have an early source of ore deposits but you will need to venture out to find additional ore mines.
  • Some metal deposits are in the middle of the city, it would be advisable to have a truck to put your gravel crates in to bring it to your refinement center / warehouse.
  • Prices of metal fluctuates, it is advisable to wait until the price goes up before selling.

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