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Bureaucratic occupations such as clerks and other government services represent the Outer Party.

The Outer Party represents the segment of trusted workers of Oceania who have occupations that provide governmental services to the people of Oceania. Outer Party members work government positions for agencies or ministries. Despite this, Outer Party members are not considered prestigious enough to be Inner Party. Although the Outer Party is a great way for workers to be recognized and eventually be promoted to the Inner Party; Outer Party members are the subject of scrutiny and must be loyal to INGSOC, Oceania and Big Brother. Outer Party members are held to a higher standard of societal conduct than the average prole.


Obtaining Outer Party Status

Outer Party status is reserved to registered active citizens in good standing. The status is rewarded to those who are hired to fulfill a government job such as bureaucrat, police, transit operator or a clerk. Generally speaking this opportunity is available to most citizens, however, may be revoked if there is criminality linked to that individual. Repeated interactions with the criminal justice system and or being ‘unpersoned’ will result in the loss of party status until such time one is deemed acceptable to be brought back into the graces of the party.

Integrity is choosing one's thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain.

Current Outer Party Members

Name Occupation Date Appointed Appointing Ministry
Reagan, Jamie Coffee Courier Classified Ministry of Plenty
Hamilton, George State Police Officer 1/5/83 Ministry of Love
Nostra, Arthur State Police Officer 3/5/84 Ministry of Love
Luigi Army Colonel Classified Ministry of Peace
Zino Martin Bureaucrat Classified Ministry of Truth

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