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Prole is newspeak for Proletariat, referring to the individual's class within Oceania. Proles are the most numerous and responsible for most of the jobs and functions within Oceanic society. While the Outer Party members face constant scrutiny there is a degree of independence that being a prole affords individuals. Some proles use their freedom to become notable industrialist who employ other proles in their elaborate mining or fuel production operations, other proles turn to the underworld by committing criminal acts to further themselves.

A typical nicely furnished prole housing

Pro-Social Proles

Pro-Social proles are those that comply with the glory that is Big Brother and recognize the acceptable means to reach their goals. Instead of turning to the path of Goldstein's Conspiracy, they recognize that hard work is the only way to achieve their goals.
These proles often adopt the classic worker mentality or seek to become an entrepreneurs.
Some examples are :


The underworld presents a powerful draw for many proles who seek the ease of making money without putting in the work for it. The underworld thrives on violence, corruption and embracing the evils of Goldstein by betraying the virtues of Big Brother and Oceania as a whole. Members of the underworld will choose to often victimize other members in an attempt to 'get ahead' hence why the Ministry of Love dedicates itself to hunting down members of the underworld.
Examples :

  • Hitman (Takes private contracts to kill)
  • Thief (Uses stealth to steal goods and money without confrontation)
  • Robber (Uses force and confrontation to obtain goods/money)
  • Joining organized crime:
    • Eurasian Mafia : An organized crime family from the state of Eurasia, they are often associated with conducting bounties, arms smuggling and meth manufacture.
    • Eastasian Triad : A criminal organization that tracks its roots from Eastasia, they are known for their brutality, cheap production of meth, marijuana grow operations among other things.