The Times - August 11th

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Ore Surplus - Doubleplusgood

The Ministry of Plenty has reported that iron production has substantially increased over the past week. Previous reports had indicated that silver was the path to victory for our superior economy, but with the Ministry of Peace valiantly fighting overseas and in dire need of new equipment, our noble Industrialists stepped up to the plate and put their country before their own profit. The newest estimates straight from the desk of Minister of Plenty have indicated that iron production has increased by a whopping 1444%. With the increased demand for iron, a single ingot sells for double the price of silver and gold combined, yet each ingot produced by our industry has been sold to the Ministry of Peace for a penny each. For their sacrifice, the Minister himself appeared before the selfless proles to deliver a moving speech declaring his adoration for the selflessness of our noble prole.


In the Minister's speech, he proclaimed Oceania to be the hallmark of patriotism and bequeathed the Oceanic Star for Productivity upon every Oceanic prole who produced iron this week. One prole, Jessie Jonet, earned themself the coveted Oceanic Gold Wreath for Refinery for their outstanding work in leadership within the eastern Victory City neighborhood. Jessie, foreman of the Oceanic Miner Union, led their team to produce over six thousand tons of iron in the past quarter alone. This comes at the heels of the unveiling of Oceania's latest super battleship, a tribute to the glorious work of our Industrialist proles and Civil Engineers who work tirelessly to provide us with the materials and schematics for our glorious fleet.

One Nation to Rule the Waves

The Dropbear herself, an absoultely stunning ship.

Our peerless Ministry of Peace has broken naval records today by unveiling their latest super battleship which has been christened the B.B.S. Dropbear. The newest ship, a 426m long Marsupial-class battleship, displaces roughly 112,000 tons fully loaded and has been outfitted with the latest and greatest armament compliment ever installed on an Oceanic warship. At first glance, its four triple 20-inch Mk II naval guns tower over the hull of the ship, and when angled nearly exceed the height of the superstructure. They reportedly fire 550mm shells 20.4 miles and issue an ominous sound when discharged. Its anti-aircraft complement, thirty-two triple barrel 120mm Mk 6 Bofors, fire at a rate of 120 rounds per minute, exceeding the earlier firing rate of the Mk 5 Bofors currently deployed on the Vermilingua-class battleships. The hull is comprised of interwoven steel and pykrete, a construction earlier engineers had deemed impossible before now.

The christening ceremony, which was attended personally by Big Brother himself, was conducted in the Victory City port and featured VIP guests from all four Ministries. A motorcade consisting of thirty-two Ministry of Love cruisers, sixteen Ministry of Peace ULTRA APs, five Ministry of Plenty town cars, two Ministry of Truth sedans, and Big Brother's personal armored Hudson Hornet proceeded from the Ministry Building located in downtown Victory City toward the harbor, with spectators dotting every inch of the sidewalks. During the ceremony, a speech was given by Big Brother to the honorable crew-to-be of the B.B.S. Dropbear. Admiral Nelson, the hero of the Battle of Austroasia, was personally given command of the new pride of the fleet by the great leader himself. As the super battleship disembarked, all four Ministers and Big Brother himself threw upon the hull a bottle each of their finest vintage of Victory Gin.

Its assigned region, the Celebes Sea, has been known as the Forsaken Triangle by onlookers of the war. It has been so named due to the overwhelming presence of enemy naval blockades dotting the region, which the B.B.S. Dropbear has been ordered to destroy. The new super battleship will join a task force consisting of twelve ships to dismantle the enemy blockade and free up the trade routes in that region for the disputed zones within.

Big Brother also announced that there will be a massive overhaul of Oceania’s navy. This modernization campaign will result in a new class of cruisers and destroyers to match the latest battleship built with the surplus of Iron and steel. These cruisers will have the most advance rapid fire main batteries that will lob high explosive shells at all those who dare to oppose the values of peace brought by the Oceanic people. The destroyers that are being designed will feature modest ship to ship batteries with a heavy focus on the torpedoes to take out the enemies fleet without even being detected. These innovations are what leads the Oceanic Navy above all else, no naval power has come close to matching the might that Oceania provides. The Ministry of Peace is constantly recruiting the best naval personal via World of Warships, if you are interested check out the benefits associated with enlisting.

A Moment in History

The Nazi party was Germany’s socialist party that became infamous for the war crimes and other crimes against humanity committed once they seized power. What many people fail to realize about the Nazi party was that they did not gain power through force but through elections using brute force intimidation tactics orchestrated by the ‘Brown Shirts’ who were mostly young men who supported the party ideals. These Brown Shirts were more or less hired thugs used to consolidate power. Once in power the Nazis quickly did away with them and replaced them with the fiercely loyal cult of the SS.

How does this relate to today? Oceania prides itself on having strong law enforcement presence in our communities to prevent hired thugs from having indue influence in our communities. We have strict voter ID laws that prevent abuses and intimidation tactics that many totalitarian regimes used to gain power. Our police will stand strong against any that wish to cause harm to our great society.

Felix the Cat

The Great Leader recently acquired a rescue cat from the streets of Eurasia. The feline friend was found starving on the crowded streets of a major Eurasian city, but, Big Brother’s mercy is limitless and thus brought the cat back to Oceania so that it may live a life of prosperous peace among the residences of the Inner Party. The feline appears to be adjusting quiet well to life in Oceania and has taken to watching the fish in the Ministry fish tank for days on end. The clever cat also was seen dipping his paw in the water swatting at the fish as they swam by. This feline is named Felix and has won the heart of not only the Great Leader but all whom have had the pleasure of meeting this fluffy friend.

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