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The Battle Rages On

The Ministry of Peace has released the post-battle report concerning the B.B.S. Dropbear's latest naval operation in the Celebes Sea. The report, coming directly from Admiral Nelson himself, details the events leading up to the total and complete annihilation of over 150 enemy vessels responsible for the trade blockade off the coast of the Philippines. Official accounts have stated that no Oceanic casualties were taken, and over five thousand enemies were taken prisoner as they attempted to evade justice their sinking warships.

Two ships part of the taskforce sailing to join the intense naval battle.

In the early morning hours, enemy units made contact with the battle group B.B.S. Dropbear and B.B.S. Numbat, which had been breaking out through the Makassar Strait from the Austroliasian Jewel Harbor. There was an engagement with several enemy warships who indiscriminately fired upon the Oceanic task force, during which the enemy flagship I.A.S. Sakura was sunk with all hands lost. The task force had previously split into two groups, and the Eastern Group was informed of the contact as further enemy counterattacks were likely.

As operations proceeded against the enemy blockade, B.B.S. Dropbear requested that the Eastern Group rendezvous at square RN 22, where the vanguard flotilla was preparing to spearhead the blockade. Captain Rogers of the B.B.S. Dingo spotted for the Eastern Group as they made their way through the Molucca Sea. While detached from the Eastern Group, Captain Rogers was waylayed by an enemy wolfpack which had been operating in the waters of the Celebes Sea to attack trade convoys. The B.B.S. Dingo employed stealth tactics, running into green waters to evade the enemy submarines. At the shelf of the shallows, Captain Rogers released depth charges which were then carried into the deeper portions of the sea and made contact with all five enemy submarines. Rogers, an honorable gentleman at heart, launched a rescue operation to secure the sunken crews who were placed under heavy guard. No further enemy contact was made until the rendezvous, where the prisoners were transferred to the brig of the B.B.S. Dropbear.

The spearhead assault commenced early the next morning at approximately 0400 hours and the main battle commenced. The B.B.S. Dropbear was the main target of the enemy warships, absorbing fire from all sides for the duration of the battle. The B.B.S. Numbat, free to navigate to the flanks of the blockade, launched thirty-two torpedo volleys in a fan formation at the western flank and successfully sunk fifteen enemy warships. The B.B.S. Dropbear, despite taking the brunt of the enemy counterattack, was able to fire off seventy-three volleys to deadly effect. Thirteen confirmed magazine detonations resulted in adjacent enemy warships sustaining heavy damage, rendering them inoperable for the remainder of the skirmish. The B.B.S. Dingo, with its rapid-firing main batteries, was able to counter the enemy's remaining destroyers. No Oceanic ships sustained heavy damage, while the entirety of the enemy naval blockade was permanently crippled. Upon the intake of five thousand enemy troops, the enemy fleet was scuttled.

In recognition of the outstanding leadership displayed by Admiral Nelson, and the heroic actions taken by Captain Rogers of the B.B.S. Dingo and Captain Hawthorne of the B.B.S. Numbat, Big Brother has awarded the Navy Distinguished Service Medal upon all three commanders and the Navy Cross upon the crews of each respective ship. Glory to Oceania!

Doubleplus Good Rations

The Ministry of Plenty has released a new report regarding this week's supply of rations. Due to the successes of the B.B.S. Dropbear in the Celebes Sea, trade routes have opened up and allowed Oceania to import over 6,500 tons of food from the Austrolasian farmland. Included in the imports are cheese, milk, wheat, corn, and honey. According to Lord Jut the last time Oceania had such a large surplus of food was before war broke out in the east.

The Austrolasian farmland has long been one of our three main sources for ingredients in Oceania, and with the recent blockade by our treacherous enemy, we have been unable to fulfill our quota to sustain a stable ration allocation for over three years. Airstrip One, the former source of ingredients, has long been under siege by Goldstein and his allies resulting in the majority of farmland there to be rendered useless for the foreseeable future due to Goldstein's bombing raids.

Due to the overstocking of Oceania's food reserves, the Ministry of Plenty has authorized double rations for every prole for the next two weeks. Any remainder shall be granted to the Prole of the Week and six individuals of their choosing. For the event that trade routes remain open, the Ministry of Plenty has begun talks with Big Brother to potentially open the economy up for what Richard has dubbed "farmer's markets", a central location for cooks of all qualifications to procure fresh ingredients for the good of Oceania.

Lottery Update

The Ministry of Truth investigated allegations that the latest Ministry of Plenty Lottery winner had utilized mafia-style tactics to secure the raffle tickets of over three dozen innocent proles. The presumptive winner, Teera Wan, had allegedly been seen knocking on the doors of several residences late last night, hours before the drawing was to take place. Our eyes and ears on the ground have interviewed several potential connections to Teera Wan, and we had the chance to speak to Minister Nostra himself to hear his take on the whole thing.

Robert had previous infractions for being a peeper.

Abra Williams, the operator of the local fish packing facility, recalls seeing Teera Wan. "He was quite odd," she says. "Tried to get into me window in the wee hours of the night. I had me ticket all snug and cozy on me bedside table I did, and I suspect the rascal saw it and was trying to find a way into me home!"

Though we cannot confirm the intentions of Teera Wan, due to Minister Nostra's strict stance on the innocence of an individual before the thorough confirmation and evidence of guilt, another individual has corroborated that story.

"Well. I was spritzing myself with Churchill cologne, a most ravishing scent if ever there was one and a grand suggestion I may make to you, when I heard the rustle of a hedge just outside my bedroom window." proclaims Richard Schekelstein, clerk of the Ministry of Plenty who operates the lottery. "I, of course, grabbed my Winchester Rifle from the cabinet and peeked out the window. Just outside, would you believe it, was what I believed to have been a street beggar in my gated community! He was trying to stuff himself through the window of a house across the street. I tried to dial Minister Nostra straight away, but it went to voicemail!" he adds. The clerk, Richard Schekelstein, has been known to embellish his stories to a most perfunctory degree. We next had the honor of speaking directly to Minister Nostra, and he seems to have an entirely different stance on the matter.

"What Richard and Lady Abra do not understand is that the presence of an individual where they do not belong is not an inherent indication of guilt at all. It just so happens we have a traffic camera which covers the street they both reside on, and we have found no proof of an attempted break-in. To protect the confidential lives of our fair citizens, Teera Wan appeared to me more like a voyeur than a burglar at that particular moment in time. In fact, I believe I saw Richard himself peeping in Lady Abra's window a number of times himself. As for the allegations about Teera Wan's so-called mafia tactics, I can safely say they never occurred at all. Teera Wan, from each moment between his home and Abra Williams' window, is accounted for." he said.

In light of Minister Nostra's testimony, all charges against Teera Wan have been dropped and the Ministry of Plenty was cleared to award the lottery winnings.

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