The Times - August 25th

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Disputed Zone Advances

The Ministry of Peace has released a new report on their war efforts in the barren deserts of India, one of the few territories on the Asian continent not yet dominated by either of the native superstates. The region is exceptionally dense in resources, and the Ministry of Peace has previously stated that the area is a likely candidate for rising tensions between Eurasia and Eastasia. Left unchecked, the two powers may descend into total war, costing the lives of hundreds of thousands. Oceania, as the most powerful superstate among the three, often acts as the peacekeeper in an effort to maintain diplomatic ties to our allies and to keep the evil enemy, thought to be hiding Goldstein, in check.

According to Minister Roro, the key to securing India would be to take and garrison the historic areas of Quetta, Bhamo, and Rangoon, as well as create naval bases throughout the coast. These key positions are located at the chokepoints of the surrounding mountains and serve as a functional baseline for setting up blockades. Oceanic forces have already secured the Celebes sea and moved westward toward India following intel which indicated that Eastasian forces were preparing to invade the area as a precursor to war with Eurasia. At approximately 1730 hours on Monday the B.B.S. Dropbear and its assigned task force weighed anchor just off the coast of India, allowing two dozen Oceanic troop transports, containing roughly 45,000 soldiers, to land at Pondicherry. The Ministry of Peace then transported two hundred heavy tanks, sixteen MLRS artillery units, and five mobile point bases to the area via helicopter from the Ceylon forward base.

The Oceanic army marched in a standard trident formation toward Quetta, Bhamo, and Rangoon respectively, with a quarter of the army delegated to defending the coastal regions against a naval invasion and constructing bases in the area. The B.B.S. Dropbear and the naval taskforce have been assigned to patrol the waters surrounding the region and to maintain the trade routes through to the Celebes sea. Both Eastasia and Eurasia have issued letters of protest to Minister Karla, though neither had made any significant move to attempt to hinder the progress of Oceania aside from an enemy bombing, linked to the Brotherhood, early last week which resulted in the deaths of 11 Oceanic soldiers. INGSOC flags have been lowered to half-mast in mourning.

Though much Oceanic blood may be spent curtailing the enemy, Captain Rookworth of the 631st division believes that the battle for India has only just begun.

The Goldstein Report

The Ministry of Plenty, located just across from Big Brother's grand tower, has long stood as the center of commerce for all of Victory City and Oceania as a whole. Constructed around the same time as the Ministry HQ itself, the Ministry of Plenty has historically received very few renovations over the course of its operation. With the latest successes with the war and the restoration of vital trade routes with the resource-rich neutral zones, Big Brother gave authorization to local public works laborers to begin the expansion of the Grand Vault beneath the Ministry of Plenty. However, during the initial demolition of the surrounding boundary walls and subfloor, work crews uncovered several underground sections of an old bunker complex located directly beneath the vault. Construction was halted to give the Ministry of Love State Police time to investigate the area, and officers soon breached the six-inch thick concrete.

Upon breaking through the ceiling of the bunker, the officers discovered a veritable treasure trove of memorabilia dating back to the founding of Oceania itself, as well as notes on the manuscript now known to the world at large as Goldstein's magnum opus, The Theory and Practice of Oligarchal Collectivity. Minister Nostra was called in to handle the investigation, and the area was soon connected to Goldstein's infamous escape from Oceania following his treacherous betrayal of Big Brother. Further exploration of the bunker complex showed that the room connected to three hallways, two leading further into the bunker complex and one tunnel leading into Victory City's sewer system. The Ministry of Love has opted to not comment on the contents of the rest of the bunker, simply stating that the bunker was too decrepit to allow public access, and had already sealed off the hallways before we could get an insider look at Goldstein's secret hideaway. The tunnel leading to the sewers had already been bricked off long before its discovery, likely to prevent pursuit as the traitor made his way out.

The notes recovered from the bunker have been burned along with other alleged items taken from the scene. It is unknown what officers saw deep within the dungeons of Goldstein, but first responders to the scene have been reported as feeling ill following their investigation and a two-week leave of absence has been granted to allow for recovery. Nostra himself commented by saying "These tunnels are further proof of the cowardice and treachery of Goldstein. The secret and elaborate construction of this shelter had to have taken weeks, and it is believed that the crew responsible for its making fled with him. There is no doubt in my mind that were he to have succeeded in his coup, we would all have been subjected to horrors beyond imagination". The bunker, meanwhile, is reported to have been filled in with cement prior to its closure by the public works laborers, and construction has resumed on the Grand Vault.

According to maps and notes found within the bunker, it is believed that Goldstein fled via the sewer tunnels and exited into the ocean. From there, it is indicated that he was picked up by an enemy submarine and taken in secret to the African continent, where he was transferred into unknown hands. The Ministry of Peace commented by saying that if they were to find Goldstein he would not be killed, rather he would be given to Big Brother so he can face trial by grand jury and pay for his treasonous actions.

Wealth Capacity Expansion

The Ministry of Plenty, one of the longest standing structures in Victory City, has long persevered despite any significant renovation or maintenance over the past decades. The reason, we are told, is largely due to budgetary cuts to each Ministry due to the wars overseas. However, with the recent successes of the Ministry of Peace in securing vital trade routes between the disputed zones and Austrolasia, Big Brother has authorized the revitalization of the neglected building. According to the new schematics, the plan is to expand the vault area as well as the outer hall. Though the demolition work creates a hazard to the Ministry of Plenty workers, the ministry will continue to operate during renovation while access to the lower levels will be restricted to all but the builders.

Construction crews began work in the sublevels of the Ministry of Plenty and demolished the existing structures of both the vault and the outer hall, and temporary steel beams were put in place to support the upper floors. It is believed by Big Brother that the expansion and renovation of our most cherished economic building will allow for greater support for Oceania at large. With the expansion of the vault and the addition of integrated shelving, ration surpluses will be a thing of the past and all proles shall enjoy the benefits of our overflowing coffers for years to come. Construction is due to complete in the coming days.

Great Leader's Speech

People of Oceania, our great superstate stands at a precipice in the war against our enemy. Though we thrive in the industrial sector, our agricultural production stands at an all-time low. We have offset this unfortunate circumstance by opening the trade routes between the neutral zones and Oceania itself. The great work of Admiral Nelson and his task force has enabled us to prosper despite our most unfortunate shortfall. As Great Leader of Oceania, it is my proud duty to inform each and every one of you that we have overcome this difficulty and that the western portion of Oceania is now devoted to the growth and curation of our agricultural industry. It is my dearest hope that with the increase in farming and foraging every Oceanic citizen will be able to enjoy triple rations for the rest of their lives.

Though our enemies, most notably Goldstein, would tell you that Oceania is war-weary and will never be self-sufficient, I as Great Leader can assure you that this is not the case. Oceania is stronger than it ever has been in our great history. Not even during the great revolution has our country been so united under INGSOC. Our most loyal and devoted peacekeepers, the Ministry of Love, have reported All-time lows in regards to crime and corruption. The vanguards of our economy, the Ministry of Plenty, have reported vast increases in production across the board. The Ministry of Peace has reported nothing but victories. The Ministry of Truth has nothing but good news. These facts alone prove that Oceania stands at the forefront of the modern world and that we are the greatest nation on Earth. Glory to Oceania! Glory to INGSOC!

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