The Times - August 4th

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Harbor Horrors

The Ministry of Love has released an account of their latest efforts to keep our great nation safe, thanks to the hard work of the Ministry of Love State Police. According to their report, a developing situation at the waterfront was resolved with just one casualty and the rescue of an innocent bystander.

Tragedy nearly shook the citizens of Victory City when the cries and splashes of a newborn kitten could be heard at the main dockyard, the only witness to the ordeal was a harbour master who for all his knowledge and expertise regarding maritime travel could not himself swim. Thinking fast, the man dialed the only group in Victory City he knew he could rely on. Within seconds, a sergeant and two officers rushed to the scene to find the horrendous peril of the newborn kitten. The officers made to find a life preserver to assist the kitten, but the kitten began to sink to the bottom of the ocean. It was the lieutenant who dove in after it, and minutes ticked by. The officers were about to coordinate a rescue effort when the lieutenant miraculously emerged from the depths with the newborn kitten grasped tightly in his hand.

We are told that the kitten was given a comfortable blanket, a bowl of milk, and a wonderful family was found to adopt it. The lieutenant was praised for his efforts by Minister Nostra himself, who awarded him a brand new pair of duty boots to replace his waterlogged pair. If not for the recent infrastructural improvements conducted by Big Brother, the phone lines used to place the call to the Ministry of Love State Police may never have been available.

Criminal Sentencing Improvements

The Ministry of Love has updated their sentencing law and policies to reflect the latest changes in Oceania, following a meeting between Minister Nostra and Lord Jut earlier this week. The changes, called for a revision to Oceanic General Law to adapt to the ever-changing criminality of ne'er-do-well roaming our proud streets.

Throughout Oceania's history, sentencing has been harsh but fair in the eyes of the public. The general adage, an eye for an eye, formed the basis for Minister Nostra's initial policy. However, following an outbreak of petty theft and abduction in Victory City, Minister Nostra has had to make the unfortunate decision to increase the penalties faced by those who go against INGSOC.

Under Chapter I of Oceanic General Law, which are classified as "Crimes Against a Person", penalties ranged from a mere day in the reformatory to half a life sentence depending on the severity of the crime. Murder, an action with the utmost finality when committed, was seen as an unfortunate but nonetheless understandable reaction to the troubling times our nation faced during the revolution. Tensions ran high among our populace, and Minister Nostra's first months in office were wrought with reports of Oceania against Oceania crime. However, a stint in the reformatory no longer seems a fitting tradeoff for the loss of Oceanic blood, and Minister Nostra has adjusted the penalty for such heinous crimes to span the length of an individuals life in consecutive measures for each life taken. Other charges, such as simple assault, have been adjusted to reflect the new timeframes; what used to earn you a mere day in holding will now net you a full month in the reformatory.

Chapter II meanwhile, the section devoted to "Crimes Against Property", have similarly been adjusted to reflect the severity of disrupting day to day life in Oceania. Arson, a crime that once carried a proportionate fine that was double the value of any damaged property, now carries with it a reformatory period of no less than nine months and up to nine years, a staunch reminder of the sanctity of our proud cities and the reverence they hold in the eyes of Minister Nostra.

Though Chapter III, the section regarding "Crimes Against Chastity, Morality, Decency and Good Order" has not changed much, most of the penalties still retaining fines and no reformatory time, charges such as blasphemy, or the denouncing of our glorious leader, have been adjusted to reflect the public opinion. Disrespecting Big Brother will result in an indefinite stint in the reformatory while the Ministry of Love verifies your identity as a precaution against Goldstein's treacherous spies and the spies of our international enemies.

Chapter IV, "Crimes Against Public Justice & INGSOC" and commonly known as black marks, have similarly been adjusted to reflect the sanctity of law and order within Oceania. The charge of treason, historically met with the death penalty, has been adjusted to life in the reformatory and possible death. Subversive activities, an offshoot of treason, also carry this penalty. These changes have been made to give Oceanic citizens the chance to change their ways and become productive members of our proud society.

Economic Overhauls

Former Minister Nixon S. did a number on the economy of the Oceanic state. His initial dedication to economics was without question, and fervently supportive of the Oceanic people. However at some point recently released investigatory notes from the Ministry of Love reveals that Nixon began to sympathize with Goldstein and resented the equality and opportunity that Oceania presented to it's citizens.

As such Nixon S. neglected his duties as Minister of Plenty creating record high inflation justifying that it was done for the betterment of society. In the same stroke Nixon began appropriating funds to supply his lavish lifestyle wants and desires including big dollar cologne imports. Lady Roro who served as an interim Minister of Plenty who was rather familiar with the proper economics grew suspicious and confronted Nixon S. on several occasions even going as far to report these activities to the Ministry of Love & Lord Jut, the Great Leader. An investigation was opened into the loyalties of Nixon S. whom at this point at become a rather absentee figure prompting Lord Jut to remove his from his role of Minister of Plenty. It was shortly after this that Nixon S. while visiting the Ministry of plenty shot a prole named Ling Ling in the back several times killing the elderly man before responders could arrive.The investigation revealed that the murder of Ling Ling was intent on creating ethnic strife and a potential diplomatic crisis with Eastasia that would then cause destabilization of Oceania.

Lord Jut himself took over the economy after the treasonous activities of Nixon S. with the passion and vigor to reform. While the justice reforms were instantaneous with the passage of laws the economic quandary was a tougher problem to solve. Indeed Nixon had greatly jeopardized the Oceanic state in order to behold to his true evil masters, but, Lord Jut began to slowly unwind the tangled mess that was the Ministry of Plenty.

First was the overhaul to the pay and ration structure of Oceania to include a proper system to distribute food and pay to the hardest working of the society. No longer would there be an inappropriate disparity in ration or pay. As the economic hardships began to stabilize there was still the issue of cost and goods and services remaining too high. Mandatory deflation with the government oversight became the solution, Lord Jut personally oversaw the incremental economic deflation of Oceanic society lowering the cost of goods and services for all citizens. Thanks to the efforts of Lord Jut, Oceania's economy is once again stable again.

Mining Updates

Oceania is most pleased to announce its most innovative overhaul yet when it comes to the industrial reforms championed by Lord Jut with the absence of an appointed Minister of Plenty. These reforms come in the form that the Ministry of Plenty will be driving the mining of Copper, Iron, Nickel and Gold as opposed to mining for Bronze and Silver. This is part of the newest plant to overhaul the economic standard of living by providing the citizens with an abundance of raw materials to then use to produce precious goods with that help build a stronger society.

As a result of these changes, the territories of Oceania have been resurveyed and consequently have found new and better deposits of these valuable resources. Additionally the Oceanic state has appropriated more equipment for the processing of ore to the local municipalities that will be available for local proles to help process these new minerals.

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