The Times - July 14th

From Ministry of Truth Civil Resources

Oceanic Healthcare Overhauls

As any citizen of Oceania knows, healthcare is an important tenant that the grace of Big Brother provides to all citizens. This being said there are to be some major changes to come forth in the coming weeks including the procurement of goods via licensed government suppliers in an effort to eliminate waste, corruption and supply shortages. The Ministry of Plenty is working to ensure that the collaborators of Goldstein never have the chance to disrupt the vital service that is provided to all citizens. The expected cost of receiving medical care should drastically decrease when consulting a licensed physician. There will now be a discount supplies available to authorized medical personnel located on the second floor of the medical center.

The war for the peace rages on at sea.

The War For Peace Rages On.

Greetings from the front lines, I am proud to report that as of this week our navy has made incredible headway in the development of more powerful battleships and cruisers to help secure victory in the war for peace. This is in response to the massive offensive and onslaught brought on by the enemies of Oceania. We must take the fight to them before they risk our way of life. The strength of our enemy may not be in numbers or quality of combatants but the shear resolve to end our successful way of life, this must never be underestimated. While our brave soldiers fight valiantly everyday with the finest equipment the world has ever seen we face this threat. One may ask if such fight is truly worth it, but rest assured that victory will be in grasp soon enough thus ensuring a new era of peace, a pax oceania if you will. As always support the war for peace and enlist in the Ministry of Peace today to be part of the solution to the problem of global violence. As a result iron prices will temporarily increase, but, require more coal & ore to produce higher quality iron intended for war.

A future with Goldstein's values look eerily like this.

Why Goldstein's Ideals Spell Death to Many?

What many people that fall for the Faustian Bargain presented by Goldstein fail to account for is the in long term implications of his beliefs. Goldstein's rhetoric is founded in a moral vacuum in which the goodness and the virtues of Oceanic society cease to exist, all for what is regarded as an impersonal 'collective.' Society no longer benefits directly from services, society no longer has individual identity, all are lost in exchange for the support of the collective and the false prophecy of more and 'equality.' In this system there is only extreme poverty, extreme suffering and extreme abuses of power and this is all justified to the brainwashed people for the sake of the 'collective.' This system is not living, this system does not present freedom nor does it present a bountiful economy. It instead erodes the core of society away until there is nothing left, hence the importance of understanding the need to focus hatred towards the false prophet of Goldstein. Fear not though, while Goldstein's collective presents only death, suffering and an absence of freedom in exchange for 'equality' group think, Big Brother offers salvation through the creation of Oceania and INGSOC. What is more noble than being part of the proletariat or the outer party? Your actions are not focused towards an oppressive system but rather your freedom is built upon your hard work on behalf of Oceania. In this system, is it not true that all are provided for? Aren't all Outer Party members and proles fed and housed the same as an Inner Party member? Recognize that while false prophets such as Goldstein will always preach and promise they will never match up to quality of life under Big Brother.

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