The Times - July 21st

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Victory City Fire Department Saves Another

The car fire as captured by our dedicated team of reporters!

Our brave citizens who volunteer to be part of the Victory City Fire Department are the finest in the world, their contributions saved yet another life. A young Eastasian immigrant was operating their motor vehicle on the Victory City Expressway collided with a passing vehicle carrying innocent Oceanic children. Ministry of Love State Police were the first to respond to the scene and determined that the Eastasian immigrant had drastically veered off their marked lane and collided head on with the above mentioned passenger vehicle.

A great fire ensued and the brave police dragged the children out of the vehicle and rendered emergency first aid until INGSOC EMS arrived to transport the individuals to the finest medical center in existence, INGSOC's People's Hospital. Victory City Fire Department responded and began battling the epic blaze that had engulfed the vehicles. Their fine training ensured that there was no violent explosion that would have happened anywhere else as a result of a car fire. This goes to show that Oceania simply has the safest streets thanks to the dedication of your first responders.

After a Ministry of Love investigation into the contributing factors of the crash, it was determined that the Eastasian man was impaired due to poor eyesight stemming from inadequate nutrition during his childhood dating back to when he lived in the alleged communist utopia of Eastasia. This reporter simply can't fathom how Goldstein or anyone would support a nation that deprives its people the vital nutrients needed to develop properly, and, surely incidents like this must be far more frequent and catastrophic in the horrible lands of Eastasia.

The Life of a Banker


A crisis situation at the Ministry of Plenty is not a rare occurrence, especially with the re-christened Banker, Richard Schekelstein having returned to work. Not a day went by under his former regime where the panic button went unpressed. Each check conducted by the Ministry of Love State Police yielded a curious absence of sticky notes, but nothing more.

However, tragedy struck our fair city when Mr. Schekelstein found broken shards of glass in the hallway leading to his office. Ministry of Love investigations have indicated a break-in occurred late in the evening, although no state resources have been stolen. Mr. Schekelstein is adamant that his Churchill Limited Edition cologne has gone missing, but Minister Nostra of the Ministry of Love informs us that the impaired banker simply never checked his bottom drawer. Further investigation into the broken window have revealed that a mirror shine oxford shoe belonging to Mr. Schekelstein himself was the cause of the shattered glass. We asked Minister Nostra what his suspicions are as to the motive of the self inflicted property damage."Nixon has always been an odd little creature." he tells us. "One moment he could be playing with his tie, the next he could be screaming that he never put it on. It doesn't take a genius to see that it turned to the back of his shirt."

Minister Nostra informs us that the Ministry of Love will always respond to the calls of the other Ministries, to guard and protect them just as vigilantly as they would its own citizens. The picture to the left shows just how devoted the Ministry of Love is to the protection of the Ministry of Plenty, with two officers and a lieutenant standing sentinel in the lobby while the investigation was being conducted. Even when the investigation was concluded, they remained behind to verify the safety and integrity of Oceania's assets.

We interviewed Mr. Schekelstein himself to hear his thoughts on this protection."They don't take out loans, and they don't make deposits. I don't like it." he insists. "What good is security if they don't further my business and add to the stockpiles in the vault? I could get my own private security who would take out a dozen loans just because I asked!" Minister Nostra, who overheard the interview, was notably nonplussed. In his words, the security of Oceania's resources takes precedence over personal gain and the inflation of the national stockpile. "If it served to benefit the masses, I would personally hand over everything I have for the glory of Oceania. However, all it would do is allow Richard to bloat his own reserves. The very shoe he broke the window with was standard issue footwear for the Ministry of Love."

Though Richard is clearly troubled by the size of his vault, he has a history of providing great loans and savings accounts to all Oceania's citizens. In the past month of his tenure as a banker for the Ministry of Plenty, he has boosted the savings account rate of Oceania by 2%, and submitted a quarterly budget for the four Ministries. Big Brother is very pleased with his performance, and is willing to set aside his qualms about Richard's conduct for the glory of our grand superstate.

Laundry Hero

The laundry services located within our fine city limits.

In the wake of the MiniPlenty's latest estimation of a linen shortage, our friends at Scrubbers Laundry have worked hard to provide the population of Victory City with clean clothes. MiniPlenty environmental hazard reports show that this establishment uses only the finest of organic MiniPlenty detergents and dryer sheets, with no impact on the environment around it. In the last year it put out less pollutants than the average oil rig does in a single hour. Our MiniTru eyes and ears were on the ground today to ask the proprietor of the establishment just what this means to our glorious superstate in his view.
"Folks need clean clothes, and we make 'em just like new." said Bobby Bone. "I love my country, but I love the people just as much. These MiniPlenty clothes are strong and with the right care can last a lifetime". High praise for the MiniPlenty, and for Oceania itself. The clothing we provide, though rationed with the onset of war, is of the highest quality we can possibly provide. We asked a local Ling Locomotion bus driver what he thought of his newly laundered uniform. "It's very soft. Not like Eastasia clothes." he said.

Bobby Bone has done his part to improve the lives of our citizens, and has thus earned the respect of our fair community. In the words of one local chef, it means comfort and a reinvigorated love for Big Brother that he cherishes most. The rationing has meant half of all clothing produced goes directly to our soldiers, a measure our dear Big Brother regrets as a necessary sacrifice in the name of INGSOC. Even so, while our brave men and women fight the evil menace overseas the people at home can rest comfortably knowing they may have fresh clothing every day until their soldiers' valiant return to Oceania.

New Lockdown Laws & You


The Minister of Love today has issued a new law pertaining to lockdowns. This law will promote greater public safety when agents of safety are responding to critical incidents. The goal of a lockdown is to ensure that citizens are not exposed to the indiscriminate violence and hatred that Goldstein supporters have shown towards the citizens of Oceania. Lockdowns are never ideal as they disrupt the lives of many citizens, the Ministry of Love recognizes this, but, ask for patience and support to identify the traitors to the great Oceanic state to ensure that lockdowns do not become a frequent occurrence and if they do the traitors are quickly identified and brought to justice.

We are all to aware of the pure evil that Goldstein and his collaborators have capable of, just last month they attempted to bomb a elementary school filled with innocent children in an effort to disrupt the future of our society meanwhile their justification is to their revolutionary ideals. If it was not for the vigilance of our Ministry of Love, this could have been a tragedy and many lives surely would have been lost. It is important that you never loose sight of the constant threat that Goldstein posses to the ideals of Oceania, if it were not for the grace of Big Brother we would be victimized continuously by Goldstein and his agents. Use lockdowns as a time to focus your hate for Goldstein and remember the glory of Oceania.

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