The Times - July 28th

From Ministry of Truth Civil Resources

Truthful Update

One of the things that the populace can always enjoy is the information that the Ministry of Truth presents is accurate. We have dedicated bureaucrats always working hard to ensure that accurate narratives are being presented to the public. This is why the education plans presented by the Ministry of Truth are evolving to meet this goal and expectation. Where other nations prioritize useless bloated so called ‘knowledge’, Oceania presents core information. This quest for useless knowledge that other cultures propagate does nothing to better the individual or society. Rather it creates a brain fog in which the government uses to maintain a compliant citizen. It is truly why ignorance is strength, ignorance is not something to resent or fear, its what gives you the power to contribute and be productive to the great cause that is INGSOC.

Freshly remodeled interior

Ministry of Love Announcement

For the past few months, I, Frank Nostra, and Lord Jut have coordinated with the Ministry of Plenty to renovate the humble Ministry of Love building and de-commission a number of our old cruisers. The Ministry of Love shall have new labels, an updated floor seal, and a revitalized court room. We are even considering replacing the floor itself! In a great leap toward modernization, the old Oceanic Monacos that once served valiantly in our fleet of cruisers shall be repurposed as scrap metal to provide new materials for the Oceanic industrial sector. In their place, new Crown Victorias and Caprices shall be commissioned with a brand new coat of paint and standardized light bars. We have also revamped a number of road signs, including but not limited to the tunnel signs, parking signs, and speed limit signs. Additionally, courtesy of the Great Leader, a new lounge has been created for Inner and Outer party members to congregate in safety and has been dubbed Nostra's Lounge.

Be on the lookout for this individual.

Mysterious Man

There has been a mysterious well dressed man who is believed to be a recent immigrant to Oceania from Eurasia. The Ministry of Love believes this man dropped part of this wallet containing a large amount of personal funds. Unfortunately for detectives there was no prole ID found in the wallet. The location that this man was spotted by Community Care TV, was on Summit Avenue. Ministry of Love State Police declare that this incident is entirely separate from an alleged smuggling operation that was recently uncovered in that part of town.

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