The Times - July 7th

From Ministry of Truth Civil Resources

Miniluv Reforms

Under the brilliant leadership of Minister Nostra, the Ministry of Love has began the process of implementing several reforms to further assure the dedicated hardworking citizens of Oceania that they will always be safe under the watchful eye of Big Brother. Among the reforms will be the issuance of new uniforms that will proudly display officer pride in the Ministry of Love, this uniform will sport a new and revised departmental badge & patch that our most talented graphical design experts have carefully crafted. Among the other reforms will be to the rank structure of the department, steering away from the evil influences of Goldstein that dictated that everyone could be entitled to rank, the Ministry of Love itself will now determine the officer's ability to advance. This will ensure greater suitability and greater command presence on the safest streets in the world. As always Oceania under the leadership is committed to ensuring the safety of all citizens.

An example of how dedicated Oceania is to providing citizens with informative posters.

Lord Jut's Education Overhauls

After Lord Jut decided to grace the nation of Oceania with his candidacy for Great Leader following several successful terms, many questioned what more could be done to improve the lives of citizens. However, he quickly put this fear to rest by implementing an advance education program under the leadership of Lady Roro. This education program featured new materials, posters and billboards to show off the prosperity of Oceania. It also included a revision and greater access to the Ministry of Truth archives which was promptly renamed Ministry of Truth Civil Resources. Never before has information been made more available to the average prole.

Pictured is one of the many brave members of Oceanic society who have volunteered to bring peace to our world, and, eliminate those who threaten to undermine the prosperity Big Brother has envisioned for all.

The Gallant Fight for Peace

The War for Peace is among INGSOC's top commitments, this war could not be as successful as it has been without the brave men and woman who answered the call to arms against our enemies. The Ministry of Peace continues it's commitment to a future in which war is obsolete. The safety, stability and the glory of Big Brother's Oceania will be brought to the oppressed regions of the world. Our Minister of Peace has committed to this! Intelligence reports that several detachments of soldiers were successful in capturing key objectives in the far reaches of the world thus liberating countless people under the oppressive regime of our enemies. This comes as our enemies have begun a rapid military deployment and offensive challenging our forces in this global war.

Prole of the Week

Mr. Australia's industrial operation seen working to support the efforts of INGSOC.

The Ministry of Plenty would like to recognize Herbert Australia as prole of the week. Herbert Australia has conducted himself and aligned himself completely with INGSOC's philosophies and has exceeded production expectations in his industrial endeavors. Mister Australia is responsible for a sharp increase in the production of fuels and precious metals that have contributed to a successful wartime operation as our brave men and woman fight for peace. As such it is only just that this prole be recognized for the work he has done to benefit our utopian society.

The Latest Collaborator!

Our fine protectors from domestic harm, have uncovered the latest in collaborators against the Oceanic state. The Ministry of Love State Police has identified the individuals by the names of Jack Doherty & William Brock are conspirators in the Goldstein plot! These individuals seek to undermine the glory, the stability, the peace, the economic growth and the very essence of civilized living that Big Brother himself has championed all in favor of a failed oppressive collective front known as 'communism.' We need not dive into the atrocities that are committed in the name of this collective action, Goldstein himself is responsible for the pure evil and depravity that exist in this world yet only Big Brother can save us as the grand liberator of our destiny. Yet these individuals would rather worship a man who cowardly promotes ideals from a far and wishes to terrorize the masses to consolidate power. For this we must remain focused in our hatred for not only Goldstein but these individuals who have betrayed the oceanic state.

About The Times

The Times is Oceania's premier newspaper and source of printed news. It is a publication that the Ministry of Truth has introduced as a measure of making knowledge and news more accessible to all citizens of Oceania. The Times is the only unbiased, accurate and truthful publication you will find and through the grace of Big Brother it is available to all proles at no cost.

The Times is Oceania's premier newspaper that is written by the Ministry of Truth to contain all the latest updates from our great nation. The Times features tales from the heroic front in the war for peace to the common story of the workers within Oceania. Anyone can volunteer to contribute or a topic that should be investigated by Times reporters.

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