Thought Police

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Praise the party or the myth states you will end up in a room surrounded by mysterious men who disappear at a moments notice.

The Thought Police is a mythical organization that is allegedly part of the Ministry of Love. They are incredibly secretive and there is no confirmed existence of them.

Allegedly based on the myths about their existence is they serve to protect Oceania from subversive individuals, and actions. They act as unseen investigators looking to discover the next Goldstein Plot.

These ghost agents have also been known to act as secretive body guards to Inner Party members often trailing them to look for potential threats, or even as act as a neighbor. Conspirators and members of the underworld are best to exercise caution because literally anyone could be a member of thought police organization.

Members of the Thought Police are often thought to be Outer Party status and may pose as lower level government employees such as running the city transit system or bus service. They may or may not serve as a uniformed member of the government such as the State Police or the fire service.

Joining The Thought Police

The thought police does not actively recruit but rather appears to approach citizens of different backgrounds and motivations to enlist their services to aid in the security of the nation. Although there is a common trend that the prospect tends to show overwhelming support for INGSOC, Thought Police informants are often pressured through coercive methods to aid in the security of the nation.

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