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In the beginning god created a rusty old Kommandant who rose through all paths of resistance to later create DystopianRP with his buddy Zr970. Jut is a proud American whom plays a variety of video games and has an unfortunate busy work schedule that prevents him from a more frequent time allocation to DystopianRP.

History of Gaming

Jut started out his early internet career serving the British Royal Navy in Empire Total War. It was here that Jut’s military genius was unveiled to the world. Jut commanded the 48 gun ship of the line , HMS Valor for his naval career. The HMS Valor often competed against ships twice its size and twice the firepower but still remained victorious under the command of Jut. These battles earned Jut the rank of Admiral. As Admiral Jut pursued an aggressive naval strategy defeating many opponents and bringing glory to the British Royal Navy. After winning several metals Jut was promoted to the rank of Grand Admiral. One of the subordinate officers serving under Jut introduced him to Garry’s Mod.

Once Grand Admiral Jut’s naval career reached its conclusion with the decline of Empire Total War, Jut began playing Garry’s Mod with his former subordinate. By luck of chance Jut stumbled upon Rambos Hell’s Squad Jailbreak server. Jut played as both prisoner and guard in GJail. It was here that Jut encountered an admin named Zr970. Jut respected Zr970 a lot and often engaged in Zr970’s funny antics. The two became great friends and upon the demise of RHS, the two started their own community.

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