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The finest vehicles hand selected by dedicated bureaucrats for your ownership!

The Ministry of Plenty is most pleased to announce the latest lineup of automobiles available for purchase by the citizenry of Oceania. These vehicles were carefully curated based off of availability, and, citizen feedback. The list may change from time to time as the Ministry of Plenty is eager to provide the highest quality forms of transit to the people of Oceania.

Car Ownership

Cars / Vehicles are wonderful forms of transportation that must not be taken for granted. Cars can be damaged or even stolen. While cars are expensive to purchase they are an investment in your transportation future within Oceania. Insurance is highly recommended as it mitigates the cost associated with damage done to your vehicle or if its stolen it will be replaced for no additional fee!

Civilian Cars

Civilian cars can be purchased at the Ministry of Plenty located on Commerce Street. Cars may be repaired and fueled at the gas station located on Broadway. The Ministry of Plenty is responsible for rationing and distribution of fuel. Proles who are mechanically inclined can repair vehicles using purchased/crafted supplies to repair vehicles at their local garage. It is important to note that while fuel is sold at all gas stations, only the Ministry of Plenty Fuel station on Broadway has a mechanic at all times. This mechanic does overcharge so it is advisable to seek a prole mechanic if one is available.

This vending machine / screen opens the catalog for purchasing a vehicle.

Our server uses two main packs. SGM Cars and TDM Cars. The list is subject to change with new cars being made available. If there is a era appropriate vehicle that is in one of the above packs it is possible to request that it be added via the suggestion section of the community forum.

Ministry of Love State Police Cruisers

Police and Government vehicles may be requested by speaking with the Motorpool Mechanic located inside the garage of the Ministry of Love State Police Precinct.

Marked Police Cars

There are two model of police vehicles intended for every day use , excluding the infamous hungry 729 heavy escalated love mobile by the Police Department. The Crown Victoria, and, the Caprice Interceptor are the primary response vehicles. The Crown Victoria is the latest and greatest in policing and features the best and brightest lights with multiple light patterns. The Crown Victoria replaces the age old classic Ford Super Deluxe and is meant to be the latest in Oceanic engineering. These vehicles are intended for emergency response and routine patrol by police.
Oceania currently subsidizes patrol vehicles for all active officers of the Ministry of Love. Cruisers are all numbered depending on their intended assigned officer and or rank.

Unmarked Vehicles

Government agencies may rent unmarked discreet vehicles. These vehicles are for ministry officials. The Ministry of Love has access to an unmarked Crown Victoria. There is even room for a suspect to fit in the trunk when your friendly Miniluv Agents come to visit. The unmarked Crown Victoria which offers the latest light patterns and sirens to deliver discreet law enforcement capabilities.

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