Victory City Fire Department

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The former Victory City Fire House for the Southern District

Oceania boast one of the safest communities leading the global market place in fire prevention. Historically from time to time fires did occur as the result of a Goldstein Collaborator’s acts of sabotage. The Ministry of Plenty under Lord Jut led the charge to upgrade all buildings to be fire resistant and immune to acts of evil sabotage.

Historically the entire profession of Firefighting devoted a lot of resources for the task of putting fires out that were caused exclusively by Goldstein. Firefighters also used to respond to medical emergencies as all firemen were trained medical first responders. The need for this was reduced with the major healthcare reforms under the leadership of Lord Jut.

Fires are often caused by vehicle collisions.

Victory City Fire Department was located near the waterfront on Turnpike Road. The facility had two engine bays located on the first floor. The second floor consisted of a cozy living space for the department. The Fire Department had access to medical supplies and other life saving measures to respond to ailing citizens. The department formerly operated Pierce Pumper fire engines.

Who needed to go to high school when you could run into burning buildings.
Fire company supervisor inspecting an old fire truck.

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