Victory City Southside

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Victory City Southside

Victory City
Victory City Harbor
Victory City Harbor
Flag of Victory City Southside
Official seal of Victory City Southside
NeighborhoodsVictory Housing
Harbor View
Victory Square
Founded byBig Brother
 • TypeSocialist Utopia

While the residents enjoyed the glory that was downtown Victory City, Big brother himself was not satisfied. Big Brother himself took up the task of expanding the urban landscape by redeveloping a huge swath of land to the south of the existing urban infrastructure. The land that the new urban environment was built on sits directly along the harbor giving the populace a scenic view of the water combined with access to water based industries and water based leisure.


Though Big Brother took pride in how his revolution sparked the creation of a vast swath of urban expansion in the previously undeveloped lands of Victory City, he was saddened by the lack of opportunity and growth for the proles. By expanding the city limits, he himself built a road that led from the original grounds to what is now colloquially known as Southside. Drawing upon inspiration from his previous triumphant development, Big Brother created the blueprint for an extension of Victory City located at the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean. Though the former headquarters of INGSOC were suitable, Big Brother wished to personally guide the new development from its infancy to the glorious splendor now exhibited by the city we know and love. With the aid of the honorable civil engineers, Big Brother constructed two new buildings to house the extensions of his being; the Ministry of Love, and the Ministry of Plenty. Though he had long planned to give the Ministry of Truth and Ministry of Peace their own headquarters, he was unwilling to part with the personal connection to these most cherished of departments. The building he had constructed for the Ministry of Truth was refurbished to suit whomever needed it, and both ministries were given a place in the heart of the city; underneath Big Brother himself. He felt it was only appropriate to allow the Ministry of Love and the Ministry of Plenty the same honor, giving them their own floors in his vast tower of benevolence.

A rough map of Victory City Southside



The Waterfront district which sits on the East Side of the city is home to a number of shipping yards, warehouses, and docks. While the availability of fish this close to the city is scarce, you may still enjoy a casual swim or a ride on one of the several boats that frequently harbor at Victory City. A lone townhouse stands sentinel over the sea, and provides access to a semi-personal dock to its owner. Situated near Victory City's illuminated bridge is an Oil Barge, utilized by enterprising laborers to prospect for the rich deposits of oil within Victory City's limits. A jewelry store, hardware shop, and scrap yard are accessible from the Waterfront.


Victory City's southern downtown district is home to the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Oceania. It is here that you will find the most the city has to offer, from the imposing yet benevolent Ministry Building located at the heart, to the many shops surrounding its region ripe for activity. Also located in downtown are a number of services, with the community center to the South East and a drug store not too far, a repair garage, and a number of low priced apartments and dwellings. Victory Rehabilitation Center is located to the North West of downtown, providing rehabilitative care to those unfortunate individuals who find themselves mentally unwell. The Ministry of Love cradles the city in the loving arms of Big Brother from the northeast. The Ministry of Plenty, located due south of the Ministry Building, offers fair and reasonable interest rates on all deposits and offers car dealing services to any in need. The Ministry of Truth, located within the Ministry Building, shares the latest news.


Situated in the western limits of the city on Victory Lane, the Victory City suburbs are home to nine beautiful colonial townhouses spanning from the intersection with Glory Road to the intersection with Beacon Hill. These highly sought-after properties are conveniently located near a discount goods shop, apparel shop, gun shop, and diner to fulfill all your needs under the watchful eye of the benevolent Big Brother. Nearby, a tunnel provides access to the Waterfront. The Ministry of Love is located due east of the suburbs, providing benevolent protection to all within its bounds.

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